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Yin Yang Ranch Dashboard

The key to improving is lots of observation

Building a Real Time Dashboard...

where we can log things that happen around the farm (but there is nothing here yet)

Some things to track...

Temperature and humidity at different places around the farm. Real time water meter readings. (And text alerts if we left the water on somewhere). Wind direction and speed. Solar power generation. The water levels in the rain barrels. When the mail truck pulls up out front.

Small $10 Raspberry Pi computersā€¦

can have sensors, cameras, microphones and are programmable using free and open source software. Motion detection and computer vision software can tell a coyote from a squirrel and a bird from a butterfly. And do time lapse photography of weatherā€¦or even tree growth.

Sharing learnings with othersā€¦

is a big part of the permaculture ethos. We will share our experiences, designs and gadgets with others. Open source software, open source hardware and open access science are part of building a community. Our automation projects can help us grow things using less water, for example. And that might be helpful to others in dry areas.